Fast Facts


Birth Name: Charles Edward Anderson Berry
Nicknames: Father of Rock ‘N’ Roll, The Prime Minister of Rock ‘N’ Roll
Occupation: Musician
Born: October 18, 1926, in St. Louis, Missouri
Birth place: St. Louis, Mo.
Parents: Henry and Martha Berry
Wife: Themetta Suggs-Berry
Children: Darlin Ingrid Berry-Clay, Melody Exes Berry-Eskridge, Aloha Isa Lei Berry, Charles Edward Berry Jr.
Siblings: Henry, Thelma, Lucy, Paul, Martha
Weight: 180 pounds
Musically influenced by: Nat “King” Cole, Muddy Waters
Trademark: Duckwalk


Food: Enjoys beef and seafood, peaches, home fries, candied yams, chili, grape soda, orange juice, Snickers bars and Dutch apple pie. Despises liver, okra, gumbo, celery, carrots, cooked onions, grapefruit, salami and liquor.

Hobbies: Playing music, softball, twenty questions, chess, croquet, highway driving

Comedians: Lucille Ball